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More Google changes expected this year

Google's chief engineer has hinted that the search engine is likely to continue its emphasis on fresh content throughout the year.

Speaking to Mercury News at the South by Southwest Interactive conference this week, Matt Cutts asserted there is "still room for improvement" when it comes to quality content.

Updates to Google's algorithm made headlines a couple of weeks ago when it affected more than one in every nine searches made in the United States.

Cutts explained that while future updates are not likely to be "of the same scope of impact" as the Feburary 24th update, they will continue to reward sites with original content.

He said: "We have more people working on search quality than we've ever had in the past."

However, he would not comment on when future changes are expected to take place.

Google's update has only affected the United States so far, but is expected to be rolled out to other countries in the near future. The search engine is standing behind the changes it has made so far – but it remains to be seen whether its impact could lead to an overall higher quality of content on the web in the long-term.