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Morning web habits can shape online marketing campaigns

Facebook, Twitter and even good old-fashioned email are all great ways of contacting and connecting with your customers – but many marketers struggle to tailor campaigns to one specific social network or type of communication.

But new research from ExactTarget suggests that developing targeted online marketing campaigns could be as simple as learning about your consumers' morning online activities.

If consumers start their mornings by checking their email, they are likely to be more task-focused and detail-oriented. According to ExactTarget's findings, email-starters are also more likely to engage with a brand for the purposes of seeking out product or promotional information – but are keen on social interaction with brands.

Meanwhile, those who check social networks such as Facebook first are "social beings by nature", the Subscribers, Fans and Followers report revealed. These consumers are more likely to interact with brands they like for the sake of being social or to show their support – and they may also be more willing to share online information with their network through channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

But content marketers should not pigeonhole consumers as exclusively Facebook-first or email-first, as there is often crossover between the two groups. 84 per cent of Facebook-first users also check their emails on a daily basis and email-first consumers are also keen to share information such as deals or promotions with their friends. In fact, the motives for both groups are similar – people are generally looking for relevant information or a great deal.

This suggests that while promotions can largely stay the same across the two channels, tone and content may need to differ between email and Facebook campaigns to engage the widest variety of consumers.