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Move over Twitter, ‘Keek’ is here: Share fast, short video updates!

Twitter campaigns can be a great tool for businesses, engaging followers with fresh and original content that they can share with their friends.

A website that is relatively new to the social media world is Keek, a platform which allows users to create and watch "fast, short video updates" via your smartphone, tablet or laptop and share them with friends.

Users are encouraged to join the "social video revolution" with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian already using the website, and their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner taking the top two spots of most subscribed, receiving millions of views on their videos.

Keek is the "fastest way" to share video updates with followers, with businesses able to give quick updates on their products or services to the followers in a 36-second 'keek'.

A 'Keekback' feature is also available, which allows users to record a video comment underneath your video.

Businesses can also track their keek views, subscribers, embeds and followers with an all-new analytics tool, My stats, which can help you to improve your use of the platform and build on your social media strategy.

Founder and chief executive officer of Keek Inc Isaac Raichyk said in 2011, that about three-quarters of Keek's audience was under 24, stating that today's youth "clearly want to use video for both communication and entertainment".

The strong youth audience is clearly evident through the top most subscribed, with Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande, teen pop singer Austin Mahone and Jai Brooks of YouTube comedy group Janoskians in the top ten most subscribed.

"We've created a platform that provides users with a fun new way to connect and share their lives," said Mr Raichyk.

"Keek is a place where people can interact and build communities through microvideo dialogue which is more informative and fun than traditional microblogging or photo sharing."

Chairman and chief executive officer of Pinetree Capital Ltd Sheldon Inwentash said that Keek has emerged as the "leading social video network" which is well positioned to translate that into "significant revenue streams".

"Beyond best-in-class technology, consistent stellar growth and great user experience, the thing that impresses me most is the quality of the team and its ability to execute," Mr Inwentash said.

Posted by April Revake.