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Mozilla Thimble makes web design easy

It's now easier than ever for users to upload their fresh content to the internet, with Mozilla releasing a new website creation tool aimed at simplifying the process of generating online content.

Thimble allows users to design HTML and CSS based websites without any previous coding knowledge by using an intuitive visual layout that shows any changes you make happening in real time.

"Mozilla Thimble makes it ridiculously simple to make stuff on the web," reads the Thimble website.

"Thimble lets you make your own real, fully functional web pages in minutes. Then host and share them with a single click. Sharpen your web skills along the way. Easy, huh?"

While similar to blogging service WordPress, which many businesses use to host company blogs, Thimble gives users more control over the layout and style of their webpage.

Mozilla has provided a range of pre-designed projects in order to introduce users to the Thimble system, including a Make Your Own Meme HTML template and the ability to go back and correct embarrassing 90s-style web pages.

While adding images and video to your Thimble website is fairly simple, Mozilla does not provide a way to upload that content so users will still need to rely on hosting services like Vimeo or YouTube.

Once published, your website will be fully available to the public. However it won't be indexed by Google so any businesses considering using Thimble as part of their search engine optimisation strategy is out of luck.

Mozilla is promoting the service with a "Global Weekend of Code" which launches June 23. The event is part of their "Summer Code Party", aimed at encouraging more users to start creating web content. 

"We want to help the world increase their understanding of the web, take greater control of their online lives, and create a more web literate planet," reads the Mozilla Webmaker website.  

Posted by Zak Wash