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Myer mistakes cause flurry of tweets

The grammar police were out in force overnight, with the news of leading department store Myer's mistaken apostrophes and typos spreading like wildfire through social media site Twitter.

Images of a seven-storey banner – along with signage appearing in stores across the country – reading "Early bird get's the right size" dominated Twitter activity in Australia last night, leading to the topic to begin trending on the site.

Twitter users also picked up on other spelling errors, with further signage misspelling the word 'Saturday' and 'dining' appearing as 'dinning'.

"Thanks for all your feedback on our printing error – we're getting this fixed at the moment," the store's official account @Myer_Mystore read late today.

Attempting to make light of the situation, an additional tweet read: "And we're glad you're all so passionate about our great new Stocktake Sale creative!"

Twitter users have already begun posted photos of the department store's attempt to rectify the situation, with black gaffer tape being used to cover the incriminating apostrophe.

In a time when social media can make or break a company's reputation, vice president of digital influence at Ogilvy PR Worldwide Layla Revis offered her advice in a Mashable article yesterday (January 2).

"It takes years to build a good reputation, but seconds to damage it beyond repair," Ms Revis wrote.

"When you consider the sheer volume of earned media – or word of mouth generated on the Internet each and every day – it is clear that 'controlling' messaging is no longer an option for large companies, who, for many years, have been in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own reputation."

Ms Revis highlighted the importance of a well-crafted response – rather than pretending like a crisis is not occurring – as well as having communication channels in place and a response team ready to act.

Posted by Elise Ferrari