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Myspace reborn: Gen Y’s destination for ‘social entertainment’

Myspace is often mentioned as the social media platform that started the whole online networking craze, but after Facebook took over it was largely forgotten.

It seems like a long time since we've used MySpace to discover unsigned bands and artists, update our profile 'moods' and battle internally over who to pick in our exclusive top eight friends – but the site has revealed a brand spankin' new look, which is pretty easy on the eye.

Developers say they are "hard at work" building the new Myspace from scratch, in which they state they want to stay true to their roots in one important way – "empowering people to express themselves however they want".

A preview video into the new Myspace was released, providing a look into what you can expect from the "rebuilt, redesigned, reinvented" web destination, with profile pages combining the functions of Pinterest's image layout and Facebook's status feature to create something completely new.

The new Myspace was created with music lovers in mind, allowing users to create playlists, share music with their friends and even link it to photo albums. You can relive Saturday night's party by adding the playlist to your photos from the event!

The website identifies itself as a "leading social entertainment destination" which is powered by the passions of fans, specifically aiming at the 'Gen Y' audience, a group often labelled as being born after the late 1970s.

A growing catalog of free streamable audio and video content is also available on Myspace Music, a tool which Myspace says offers independent, major and unsigned artists the ability to reach new audiences.

If you have a company that has a strong focus on entertainment, then you will probably want to add Myspace to your social media strategy and send in your invite request!

Posted by April Revake.