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NASA plans ‘tweetup’ for next space mission

A total of 150 lucky Twitter users have been selected in a lottery draw by NASA to attend the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour in Florida later this month.

The Twitter users – many of whom have dedicated their accounts and personal blogs to all things space-related – will broadcast updates leading up to the launch, as well as the Endeavour flight itself via the micro-blogging site in what has been referred to as a 'tweetup'.

"It's the opportunity of the lifetime," space website editor Heather Good, who was one of the Twitter users to be chosen to post updates on the April 29 event from the Kennedy Space Center, told Business Insider.

Web and graphic designer Jeremy Bingaman, who will also be attending the two-day tweetup, told the Des Moines Register that each participant will be given special access to the launch and encouraged to post real-time updates about everything they see, hear and do.

NASA's latest Twitter innovation is just one of many examples of major brands using the social networking site to personally interact with hundreds of individual users through fresh, engaging and unique content.

UK branches of Interflora and Edge Shave Gel have also been known to use the social media site to promote their brand with free 'random act of kindness' gifts. Other organisations, including Amazon, use Twitter to inform followers of exclusive promotions and deals.