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NASA rouses curiosity with live-tweets of its journey to Mars

Twitter consistently continues to be the platform to deliver breaking news and images, with fresh content readily available on the site.

On August 6, many fans of NASA and its rover Curiosity stayed glued to Twitter as the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (@NASAJPL) delivered live-tweets of the rover's landing on Mars.

The remarkable event was delivered straight from the command centre, documenting its descent on to the red planet from its seven minutes of terror – from the top of Mars atmosphere to the surface takes seven minutes – to the landing.

The Curiosity Rover has almost 900,000 followers, where they were able to gauge the level of pressure the team was under with the NASA team tweeting pictures from the command centre as they prepared for the landing.

For a second Twitter took a break from the London Olympics to have a look at the landing of Mars, with many followers tweeting the historic event.

Pictures of Mars were then posted on the Mars Curiosity Twitter page (@MarsCuriosity) as it had successfully landed in the Gale crater.

The live-tweet initiative that NASA took to document the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars is an engaging social media strategy.

Users were hooked into the content as it guided them through the vital stages of the landing, and gave live visuals of the event.

Another reason why Twitter may have made the landing even more special, was that it provided a platform for others to get in on the action by sharing their thoughts and feelings on the event – suggesting that content that involves the interaction of the audience, engages them.

Updates about the rover's journey will continue to be shared on its Twitter page, with news on its journey and more photos of the surface of Mars.

Posted by April Revake