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Why you need a content strategist: Thoughts from the Castleford team

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what a content strategist can do for your content marketing you might be interested to hear from some people who do it for a living. We sat down with a few of our very own content strategists and grilled them on what they do for their clients.

We discussed how the world of content marketing works, the benefits of an external person contributing their expertise and the barriers they help their clients overcome to more effectively reach their audiences and grow their businesses.

One size doesn’t fit all – content marketing for businesses of varying sizes

“Having a dedicated content strategist comes with many benefits. For small business clients, the main benefit is more time put back in their calendar and less hats for their staff to have to wear. A content strategist can manage and deliver all elements of the content strategy: blogging, email marketing, technical site adjustments, social interaction, and more – then report on it, so the client doesn’t have to.

“They’re also likely much more qualified to do so. For medium-sized businesses, content strategists facilitate more consistency and advanced strategy than an average marketing team could generate on their own, while functioning also as a third party, unbiased perspective when it comes to marketing direction and data interpretation.

“For big businesses, strategists make for easy communication and delivery of highly targeted products that can be deployed quickly and flexibly – not stunted by the compliance common in internal projects at the enterprise level.”


Max Adagio

An outsider’s view – thinking outside of the box

“I believe that clients need Content Strategists as we can offer a new perspective on their marketing efforts. It’s common for those working internally for businesses to develop a silo mentality as they have a huge number of projects on the go. With our help, they can break free from that, tap into our expertise, and ultimately improve their digital presence.”


James Langran

Specialist knowledge – understanding content marketing

“Content marketing in such a specialised, fast-moving, and competitive industry, that something this month is most likely outdated by next. This is why investing in an external content strategist is worthwhile. We go through extensive training, especially in strategising  and analytics reporting. We also have regular sessions to keep us updated with what’s happening in the industry. In my experience, someone in a more general marketing role has so many areas to cover that they would not have the time to upskill themselves or keep up-to-date enough to compete in this space.”


Amy Crooymans

Deciphering analytics and identifying potential barriers to success

“I think my clients need me for content marketing mostly because they are time poor or don’t have specific marketing knowledge. While my clients know what they want to achieve, many of them don’t have a marketing background and therefore need my help in actually getting there and suggesting what’s going to be most effective way to reach their goals.

“I also need to occasionally bring them down to earth with what is actually achievable and measuring that as well. A lot of my clients are unable to keep track of what their analytics are telling them, so I’m able to give them real insight as to what is going on with the website. This includes explaining how our content fits in with what they already have, but on a broader level communicating how people are interacting with the website and if there are any roadblocks to conversion or things we can do to improve it.”


Bianca Elsworth

Keeping a finger on the proverbial content marketing pulse

“I believe having a content strategist is a great opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that our clients are busy people and are experts in their industry, so they look to us to steer their strategy in the right direction. By having a dedicated strategist, you have someone who has their finger on the pulse in the content marketing world which means you’ll always have access to the latest innovative techniques and advice.”


Jonathon Healey

Understanding SEO and communicating between teams

“I think the importance of a Content Strategist comes from a combination of expertise around search and the industry in general and providing a communication channel between various departments (editorial, graphics, video etc.) so that the client doesn’t need to coordinate this themselves.

“An engaging and effective content strategy needs to be supported by knowledge of how search works in order to successfully drive traffic to a website and encourage conversion. A content strategist is also going to have an understanding of the most effective channels for reaching the appropriate target audience. Without a combination of these elements, a content strategy is at risk of failure.”


Katie Anderson

Overall, our strategists provide a fairly comprehensive view of what their role entails. Communication, analytical skills and in-depth SEO knowledge is crucial to the work they perform for their clients. Strategists effectively oversee the entire content strategy right from the beginning, coordinating all parties involved and tailoring it along the way to deliver the desired results for your business.

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