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New Google+ social media strategy unveiled

Chief executive of Google Larry Page is developing a social media strategy to get more users onto the Google+ social network, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In an attempt to gain ground on social media giant Facebook, Google is now combining Google+ with its other well-known products, such as YouTube and Gmail.

For example, if someone is browsing for a restaurant review on Google, they are pointed in the direction of that business's Google+ page. Likewise, people who are looking to post their own review would do so on Google+ too.

Such rules apply for any goods that are purchased through Google as well.

A Google+ account has automatically been assigned for all new users for the last year, even if it's just for Gmail. The default position allows anyone to view the page in their search results but can be changed in the settings.

Users are encouraged to share their photos and posts with other friends.

The publication reports that Mr Page pushed to have users log into their + accounts simply to read business reviews roughly 12 months ago – a move that was abandoned at the behest of executives, worried that it would create a backlash from users.

Vice-president Bradley Horowitz told the journal that the search engine giant and its social media entity are becoming more entwined.

He commented: "Google+ is Google. And the entry points to Google+ are many, and the integrations are more every day."

The move to create a social media arm of the successful company has been seen by some within Google as a desperate ploy to compete with Facebook, while others view it as smart, given the popularity of such platforms.

Posted by Tim Wright