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New interest-based search debuts on Twitter

A new update to Twitter will make it easier for users to find and follow accounts that are relevant to their interests, according to site spokeswoman Carolyn Penner.

The micro-blogging site has opened up its searches to include accounts related to a particular area of interest. While the previous search function only yielded results where a specific term appeared in Twitter users' names, the update has removed this restriction. If the search term appears in a Twitter user's profile, it is now likely to show up in results as well, regardless of whether or not it appears in the user's name.

Twitter hopes that the new system will broaden users' networks and allow them to find other users to follow that closely match their interests – they can use the new function to search for general topics such as 'sports' as well as specific topics, such as 'Manchester United'.

This system could be beneficial to companies establishing a social media strategy on Twitter. If your short bio blurb on Twitter includes keywords that are relevant to your business, there is now a greater chance that fellow users could find and follow you without having to search directly for your company name.

Of course, you'll want to make sure your profile is regularly updated with fresh, engaging content – this can help drive traffic back to your company's website.