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New look unveiled for Google Plus

The anticipated conference that gets tech geeks and others passionate about new technology, social media and the internet kicked off yesterday, with over 6,000 developers cramming into San Francisco's Moscone Centre for the sixth annual Google I/O developer conference.

Tech giant Google unveiled a number of new developments yesterday (May 15), with improvements to search, photos, communications and maps.

Senior vice president of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google, Sundar Pichai, posted in the company's blog that they believe computing is going through one of the "most exciting moments in its history", with people increasingly adopting tablets, phones and newer devices.

Mr Pichai said that was why Google focused so much on their two open platforms, Android and Chrome, as they allow developers to innovate and reach as many people as possible with their apps and services across multiple devices.

"Android started as a simple idea to advance open standards on mobile; today it is the world’s leading mobile platform and growing rapidly," Mr Pichai posted yesterday (May 15).

"Similarly, Chrome launched less than five years ago from an open source project; today it’s the world’s most popular browser."

Google also revealed the newly designed Google Plus, helping users to explore content easily with an improved photo experience and also upgrading the group video application Google Plus hangouts, so you can have conversations online across any device or platform.

Among Google's new tools and developments announced yesterday was Google Play Music All Access, a monthly music subscription service that lets users listen to millions of songs across their devices.

You can create a radio station from the artists or songs they love, with Google Play Music also allowing you to combine their collection with your own collection, meaning you can store 20,000 songs for free in the cloud and listen to them alongside the All Access catalog.

Posted by April Revake.