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New Microsoft search model features celebrity fashion

Multinational computing company Microsoft may not be known for its fashion advice or updates on celebrity culture.

However, this may change if reports are correct and the brand is seeking to confirm a "persona" patent for search.

A "persona" may refer to either an individual or group of people that share easily identifiable characteristics, according to industry experts.

News site GeekWire uploaded copies of the patent application on its webpage earlier this week (October 18).

Plans to change the way people search the web are based on new modelling that filters results based on user preferences.

And while Microsoft has yet to officially announce the new technological feature, versions of the application have been posted online.

In theory, people would be given a list of possible models to choose from and then apply their own list their of personal search preferences to the process.

With this information, the search engine would be able to generate results that are consistent with user preferences.

By using the new search engine, individuals could potentially style themselves on their favourite musicians or artists.

For example, young people who may be interested in dressing like their favourite pop-singer or reality TV star could tailor their search on "dresses" to align with outfits the celebrity may have been seen wearing.

In the application, the main case studies cited were well known personalities such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Jessica Lange.

It was then suggested that people search for certain "style or fashion preferences" – which include tabs on "colour, fit, designer, cut, etc."

But that does not mean the service is limited to celebrity updates, there may also be the option of extending the service to close friends.

Searching like a celebrity may not feature on the Bing media platform anytime soon, but it does offer an insight into the ways fresh content may be shared through search.

Posted by Aimee McBride