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New search features for Google+

Google has unveiled two new features that are set to change they way people search on its social networking site.

The announcement made by Vic Gundotra, senior vice-president of social business at Google, on the search engine's official blog, includes the roll out of real-time search results and hashtag support.

Gundorta asserted: "We are trying to make it easier to follow and contribute to live events on Google +, including breaking news, sporting events and many others."

He was also quick to explain how the latest updates from Google will improve the social network for those with a keen interest in news.

Searching on many websites is reasonably straightforward – you simply enter your preferred term or phrase and wait for a list of results to appear.

However, real-time search works on a slightly different media platform, which favours fresh content that provides users with as-it-happens updates.

Once you have entered your desired search term into Google+, a message will pop up with information about new posts, as well as the option to filter your search based on the most recent updates.

And by clicking the "most recent" option, a stream of real-time, but also relevant, posts will appear on the screen.

In many ways, the new search index works in a similar way to a previous Google initiative – which was discontinued in July of this year – that integrated public Twitter feeds with the site.

Google has also linked hashtags to its real-time search option, which means that users will be able to access a large amount of recent information on any given topic.

As hashtags provide users with the ability to share conversations near-instantly – in addition to tracking trends – increasing the technological support behind this feature will have a strong impact on the way people search.

By placing a hashtag in front of your update it will automatically link to news posts on the same theme, thus expanding user access to information on the social network.