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New updates to Facebook Ads Manager makes it easier to track campaign performance

If Facebook campaigns have a big part in your social media strategy, then you will know how important it is to monitor and track your performance.

Your social media manager will have more time on their hands with Facebook announcing in its Studio blog some new updates to Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook announced on April 2 that these updates will make it even easier for advertisers to see how they're performing against specific goals and to calculate their return on investment.

These new features are a response to feedback heard from advertisers who use Ads Manager to monitor their Facebook campaigns, and will be beneficial for the hundreds of thousands of marketers who use the Facebook tool to monitor their performance and optimise their ad budgets, delivery, targeting and more.

Marketers are now able to "better identify" what user actions drive their specific advertising goals.

The ad create tool allows advertisers to choose from any of the following advertising goals: Get more page likes, promote page posts, get new users, increase app engagement and increase attendance.

The Ads Manager will display the actions that you most care about prominently on the campaign summary page.

"For example, if an advertiser says their advertising goal is 'Get More Page Likes', the campaign summary page in Ads Manager will now show 'Page Likes' more prominently, and it will calculate 'Cost per Page Like' for your ads," the Facebook Studio blog post states.

"In the past, Facebook's Ads Manager would show me a summary of all the actions for my campaign. Now it clearly shows me engagement and cost per engagement for my ad so I can quickly determine if my campaign is performing well against my goal of increasing engagement," Matt Polito of Invitation Box said.

It's also easier for your company to calculate an ad campaign's return on investment.

If you are running ads to drive people to your website and are using conversion tracking with your ads, you will see their resulting conversions reported back "more prominently" in Ads Manager.

You will also see the calculated Cost per Conversion for each ad, and if you assign a value to each conversion in their tracking pixel, the total Conversion Value of all conversions for that ad will be calculated.

Posted by April Revake.