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New York Times launches new online advertising tool

The evolving sphere of social media has undergone another change, with leading media organisation The New York Times Company announcing a new program to assist in digital marketing.

Dubbed Ricochet, the new approach sees media buying blended with a company's social media strategy to help reach users more easily.

The program creates a unique web address that binds the brand's advertising to articles selected from any of the Times Company's websites – such as The Boston Globe and This can then be shared across a range of channels, including social media and company blogs.

The revolutionary idea allows brands to attach their name to reputable articles that it deems to be significant – whether it be for newsworthiness or relevance to the company's industry.

In the example presented by the Times Company, a business software company attached its banner to an New York Times technology article about supercomputing.

"In the traditional advertising model, brands reach audiences through content; by contrast, using Ricochet, content reaches audiences through brands," the Times Company's vice president of research and development operations Michael Zimbalist said yesterday (April 26).

"As brands develop their own direct connections to audiences on their Web sites and through social media, Ricochet allows them to bring professionally produced content to those audiences surrounded by their own brand messaging."

The move comes as news content is increasingly being shared among social media connections and traditional newspapers face the reality of needing to develop an online presence.

According to the latest comScore data, website traffic for newspapers in the US increased by 4.4 per cent in the first three months of 2012.

There was a strong push from Generation Y, with the average number of daily visitors aged between 18 and 24 increasing by ten per cent.

Posted by Elise Ferrari