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News among the ‘most read’ emails

One in five of every marketing-related emails sent by an Australian company never reaches its intended destination and instead ‘goes dark’ at some point along the journey, according to newly-published research.

But news-driven content ranks highly among the most-read emails – meaning that if you keep in touch with your clientele regularly through a mailing list, this might be an important fact to remember when planning your content strategy.

The Return Path Australia and New Zealand 2013 Email Intelligence Report revealed that there are a number of reasons why emails aren’t getting to their destination, but the most common reason is sender reputation, which can result in emails getting trapped in spam filters rather than being received. People also tend to delete or ignore emails when they don’t deem them to be relevant.

But there are certain types of emails that are read much more frequently than others, including messages that contain news and updates, according to Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg.

He explained: “When you get a bill or a news email, you read it. People sign up to get news and they get news delivered. The product matches expectations.”

By contrast, people who receive unsolicited, irrelevant or too-frequent emails tend to switch off – simply deleting these emails without reading them or marking them as spam.

Certain sectors had higher read rates than others, which is also good for email marketers to know when planning their campaigns. People tend to be the most engaged with emails from utility companies, the research showed, primarily because these tend to contain personalised content – such as an online bill – or relevant news and updates.

Other sectors with higher than average read rates include online dating, food and drink, fitness, events, media and shopping. By contrast, lower read rates were observed in the property, sports and education sectors. Recruitment, automotive, daily deals and business-to-business communications were given an “average” score.

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Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley