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News articles double popularity on Facebook

Traffic to newspaper websites from Facebook has increased by as much as 11 percentage points over the last year, according to a report from internet marketing research group comScore.

Figures from comScore's research show that some popular news sites had up to 14 per cent of their total inbound traffic generated by third-party links coming directly from the pages of Facebook users.

For the top five online newspapers in Europe, readers from the social network accounted for an average of 7.5 per cent of total unique visitors in June 2011.

This may be demonstrating an increase in the level of interest by online consumers in relevant, original content, as they are sharing it with their peers and driving further readers to the parent company's website.

The main contenders in the report included the UK's Daily Mail and Guardian newspapers – ranking first and second in popularity – receiving a combined total of more than 30.7 million unique visitors for the month.

Of particular note in the report is that readers travelling to the sites would then spend an average of 40.5 minutes per month viewing their articles – more than a minute and twenty seconds per reader per day.

That means that Europe's top sources for news and fresh content were able to secure user-generated links from a third-party social network that resulted in readers staying on a landing page for a measurable amount of time, without navigating away or closing the browser tab.

This is compounded with other reports from comScore that show Facebook enjoying 162 million unique US visitors in July 2011 – an increase of nearly two million inside of a month.

Twitter also recorded a similar increase in users, registering 32.8 million unique US visitors and showing that the power of online social channels continue to grow as time goes on.