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News sites benefiting from Panda update

News sites have generally experienced numerous benefits from Google's much-publicised Panda update since it was announced earlier this year.

ZDNet UK reports that major media players including Fox News, the New York Times and Yahoo! News all have become more visible in Google search results since the algorithm change, likely because these are all regularly updated with original and fresh content.

As we've previously reported, the Panda update – sometimes referred to as the Farmer update – focuses on quality content and rewards web pages displaying copy written for readers rather than for search engines.

Google announced the algorithm change to its US site more than a month ago and a further roll-out to all English-language Google searches was completed last week.

When the update was first announced in the US, it affected nearly 12 per cent of total search queries – although further refinement by the search engine has seen this figure reduce.

Google's Amit Singhal, writing for the search engine's Webmaster Blog, asserted that even more changes to the algorithm could be made in the coming months. These will include alterations to all the English-language searches carried out on Google, as well as an expansion to include Google searches in other languages.