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NEWSFLASH: Goodbye Vine, it was great while it lasted

Just under 4 years from its initial launch date, Twitter is giving Vine the axe.

Announced in a post on Medium this morning, Vine said they will be discontinuing the app within the coming months. Changes will not take immediate effect – users will still be able to access the website and download their Vines until further notice from the company. However, they will not be able to post any new content on the site.

The platform was originally founded in June 2012 by Rus Yusupov, Dom Hofmann and Colin Kroll. Twitter then acquired the short form video platform in January 2013, introducing it as “a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos.”

Although the app did not have a high early adoption rate, it still became one of the most popular video-sharing apps on the market. In fact, it became the number one most popular app on the US App store just a few months after being bought up by Twitter.

Vine allows you to record 6 second looping videos to share on their platform and other social media sites.  The service attracted many creative individuals wanting an outlet to express themselves, and in turn, they drew in a large number of followers.


Vine reached a total of 200 million users in August 2015, despite the apps slow adoption after the initial launch. More recently the platform has faced the struggle of keeping its user numbers alive, with so much competition from similar video-sharing sites like Instagram, Snap Inc. and Youtube.

Perhaps this is the reason that Twitter decided to shut it down, although the decision has still come as a shock to people, many of whom have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Twitter’s own struggle to stay relevant in the social media world and keep pace with other platforms like Facebook are an indicator that these types of moves would start to be made. In their Q3 earnings report, Twitter said it would cut approximately 9% of its workforce and this slimming down of the company – sadly – means and end for Vine.

To stay in the loop with changes and updates keep an eye on Vine’s Medium blog and Twitter account. Also, check out the trending #RIPVine on Twitter for some of the best Vines from the last four years.

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