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Nintendo adds social network to Wii

Gaming giant Nintendo has expanded its social media strategy to now include a personalised network as part of its latest console.

While the electronics company will officially unveil the details of its new Nintendo Wii U later this week, the group is already showcasing its new social network, Miiverse.

The Nintendo Wii includes the ability to create characters – dubbed Miis – however the updated version of the console will allow users to chat to one another using the new Wii U Game Pad.

Text messages, drawings, images and other pieces of original content can be exchanged with other players as part of the new system, as well as game-related tips and tricks to assist fellow users.

According to Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata, the new technology brings together two elements that the gaming industry is currently struggling to overcome – a shift among consumers towards smartphones and tablets, as well as the uptake of gaming on social media platforms like Facebook.

"People are gathered together in the same room, but they are not truly connected. They are paying more attention to their devices than to each other," he said 

"One of the challenges we set for ourselves was creating something that will help unite people rather than divide them."

The GamePad – in what Mr Iwata describes as the "social window" – will allow for users to scroll through posts and create their own messages, while the television shows the avatars of other players on the network.

Miiverse will be accessible on both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, as well as through a PC or smartphone via a web app.

Posted by Elise Ferrari