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#NoSpamPlease: Twitter tips for businesses

Twitter sure can be a handy outlet for sharing fresh content and pushing your business agenda to millions of people around the world – that is, if you go about your Twitter campaigns right!

You may find yourself starting with a fair amount of followers to extend to a few hundred, or even a few thousand, but if you make a few simple mistakes, you might find the number of your loyal Twitter subjects start to dwindle.

Here are a few key tips that your business may want to add to its content strategy!

Twitter bio: Intrigue us please!

That little prime spot for your bio sits there for a reason, so make sure to utilise it!

Give a concise but interesting spiel about your company, and try not to get too carried away with hashtags, using ones that are only relevant.

Your Twitter bio could be the one factor that keeps a potential follower reading down your page, or taking off to another.

Tweet spam: Learn from celebrities

There's probably nothing more hated on Twitter than Tweet spam. Many celebrities are especially guilty of this, with their social media teams posting dull Tweets about album release dates or when their movies will come to the cinemas.

People want to feel like they're engaging with an actual person, so make sure to personalise your account and make it feel like your Twitter identity embodies the whole of your company in one friendly, informative and interesting being!

Reply to your followers

Twitter is your company's platform to engage, so make sure to reply to messages from your followers – both the good and the bad!

Show some appreciation to those who compliment your product or service by Tweeting back.

It's also good practice to reply to those who may not be happy with your company, by asking what you can do to address the situation.

DON'T ask for a Retweet

This is simply a Twitter business no-no, unless you're wanting your company to look desperate and needy.

This can also make your social media strategy appear inadequate to others if you have to ask followers to do the work, your posts and content should be interesting enough for people to decide to share it themselves!

Posted by April Revake.