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NZ businesses ‘using less social media’

New Zealand businesses are less likely to engage in social media marketing than they were 12 months ago, according to MYOB.

Regularly surveying small and medium businesses, the software company has found that only 20 per cent of businesses use the tool, citing time constraints as a reason for not blogging and posting.

Despite this turn away from online communication, the internet has been utilised at a greater rate for transactional purposes, such as buying from a supplier.

MYOB general manager Julian Smith said that businesses have been forced to focus on their day to day-operations in a tough environment.

"After a steady take-up of social media, usage from business has fallen off significantly.

"For a business owner who might be preoccupied with the day-to-day challenges of running a business in a sluggish economic recovery, maintaining an active social media presence is clearly not easy," he said.

The survey found that businesses were interested in pursuing social media as a means of promotion and interaction with customer bases, but finding the time was the most difficult factor.

Across the board, businesses surveyed in MYOB's most recent national report found that social media usage had fallen down from 21 to 16 per cent.

Heads of companies aged in the 18-29 bracket were more likely to use Facebook or Twitter as part of an online initiative. 27 per cent connect with consumers through a Facebook page, YouTube or Google+ while 26 per cent were using 'any form of social media for business purposes'.

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