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Obama increases social media presence with Google+ hangout

Already renowned for being the first US president to be allowed a mobile phone, Barack Obama has once again earned the respect of Generation Y by answering some questions online today.

President Obama took to YouTube and Google+ to be interviewed by members of the public in a virtual town hall meeting.

More than 133,000 questions were submitted to the forum, however those chosen to be put forward to the president included queries about small-business policies and how to explain the country's economic situation to children.

Billed by Google as the first-ever virtual interview, Obama was quizzed by a woman currently participating in the Occupy Wall Street campaign and a wife struggling to help her unemployed engineer husband find work.

Prior to the event, YouTube published a video promoting the event, asking: "If you could hang out with President Obama, what would you ask him? Would your question be about jobs or unemployment? The threat of nuclear weapons? Immigration reform?

"Whatever your question is, submit it on YouTube for the opportunity to ask the president directly in a special interview over a Google+ Hangout from the White House," YouTube said.

The latest online appearance follows similar events on Facebook and Twitter last year and even included some lighter moments such as the president being confronted with an Obama
impersonator and being asked about his wedding anniversary plans.

As the campaign for the upcoming election gains momentum, social media is becoming an increasingly important platform for the president to get his message across.

The next US presidential election will be held on November 6 2012.

Posted by Elise Ferrari