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Obama named 2012’s most influential social media person

Last year's U.S. presidential election saw social media explode with activity, with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney engaging with voters through a strong social media strategy consisting of well thought out Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

So it comes as no surprise that Obama took out the top spot of SocialToaster's most influential social media person of 2012.

Obama's tweet "Four More Years" became the most retweeted ever, with the same post on his Facebook page receiving the most likes ever.

A press release issued January 3 revealed the results of the 2012 SocialToaster Social Media Survey, asked social media experts to rank celebrities by their influence and use of social media.

President Obama took the top spot, with 50 per cent ranking him as a social media influencer, followed by Justin Bieber (38.2 per cent), Lady Gaga (35.3 per cent), Ashton Kutcher (32.4 per cent) and Anderson Cooper (26.5 per cent) to round out the top five.

Kanye West and Madonna were among those named as the least influential people in social media, with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney taking the spot at the very bottom as the least influential person on social media with 2.9 per cent.

"As social media becomes more a part of our life, we wanted to determine who was influencing it and what behaviors were considered appropriate," said SocialToaster's chief executive officer Brian Razzaque.

"While it was no surprise that in this election year Barack Obama would be ranked the most influential person in social media, it was surprising to us that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga would beat Madonna and Kanye West." 

While celebrities and politicians can have a great influence on social media, 95 per cent of those surveyed agreed that a post from a close friend was most likely to influence them on an important issue.

This was followed by family (56.1 per cent) and a well-known blogger (39 per cent), with politicians and athletes tied in last place.

"We were also surprised to see that friends had more pull than family when it came to influencing the sharing of social media content," Mr Razzaque said.

Posted by April Revake.