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Olympic athletes to connect with fans through social media hub

Fans and athletes are being brought together during the 2012 Olympics thanks to a social media hub launched by official organisers.

The site will share fresh content posted on networks such as Facebook and Twitter from over 1,000 Olympian athletes.

All you need to do to get involved is sign up and start following all of your favourite sporting champions.

If you fancy yourself to be an ultimate Olympic fan, you may be in to win – by unlocking badges and participating in the online community you can receive prizes.

According to Alex Huot, the social media head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the hub is intended to be a place that brings everyone together in the spirit of the games.

"The Olympic Games have at its heart the athletes. The hub also has the athletes at its heart.

"We want the hub to be a platform which can inspire athletes and fans to share the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence through their everyday stories," Mr Huot told Mashable yesterday (April 18).

With just 100 days to go before the world's biggest sporting tournament begins, advertisers are also hoping to promote their brands through effective social media marketing.

Tight legislation surrounding advertising will be enforced to ensure that sponsors gain maximum exposure during the games.

An unnamed London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) spokeswoman explained to The Guardian on April 13:

"If we did not take steps to protect the brand from unauthorised use and ambush marketing, the exclusive rights which our partners have acquired would be undermined.

"Without the investment of our partners, we simply couldn't stage the Games."

As part of these strict rules, athletes will not be allowed to endorse any brand that is not an official sponsor and athletes and crowd members alike are banned from uploading footage from the games to any online media.

Posted by Jess O'Connor