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Online campaigns aided by TweetDeck

Twitter's TweetDeck application has been updated recently across the board on the web, Google Chrome, Mac and Windows. The updates include a more user-friendly interface, better designs, more options to properly personalise it to suit user tastes and new features which have been requested by users on a regular basis.

To provide some background, TweetDeck is an innovation which allows users to manage and update their social media profiles and statuses through a single application, rather than visit multiple sites to update and modify your profiles on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Kelly, our Content Marketing Specialist, swears by it!).

This has major benefits for companies with a social media strategy as it provides a quick and efficient method for updating and checking on activity that affects their business. If companies have a Twitter feed as well as a Facebook page, then both can be managed from a single application, saving time and improving productivity.

The portability of TweetDeck means that these simultaneous changes can be made from iPads and iPhones as well as other tablets and smartphones.

The new updates for this application include new themes and new font sizes and in the last year TweetDeck has improved integration with web browsers, as well as list management for even further customisation.

In conjunction with a Facebook or Twitter campaign, businesses must ensure that they develop a proper social media policy for their employees as new data has come out showing that up to 20 per cent of people would turn down a job offer if they didn't have access to social media during the day.

Nearly half of all employers who participated in the Hays survey said that they felt proper access to social media for employees would improve the rate at which they retained workers.

By Tim Wright