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Online consumers prefer brands they know

Many modern day consumers are choosing to shop online rather than face the long lines in crowded shopping malls. As a result, brands are taking their businesses online, fighting hard to establish a presence in the increasingly competitive online market.

Therefore, boosting brand awareness is one of the most sought after goals for businesses conducting content marketing. It makes sense too, as the majority of consumers value brands the know online over everything else.

A recent study by Search Engine Land in partnership with SurveyMonkey asked consumers, “What is most important in helping you decide which results to click on in a search engine search?”

Nearly 70 percent of respondents said the most important thing they look for is a “known retailer” when shopping online.

Trust seems to be a major factor for online consumers, as they prefer sites they know over sites that offer free shipping or a discount or sale offer.

The survey also asked consumers what sites will they use to search for gifts. The top site was Google with 67 per cent, followed closely by Amazon at 66 percent. Ebay was the third most popular site, coming in at 24 percent.

Google’s ranking at number one is incredibly impressive since it is a search engine, not an ecommerce site like Amazon. Google is the top web brand in the US with over $164 million average unique users per month, according to a recent study by Nielsen.

Online shopping in Australia has increased dramatically in recent years. The multibillion dollar industry is on the rise too, with over 50 per cent of Australian adults saying they have shopped online, according to research company BuddleComm.

In order to get the attention of these online consumers brands need to build trust. One of the best ways to do this is by establishing your brand as a thought leader by producing quality and useful online content.

Posted by Dylan Brown