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Online consumers rely on search engines and email more than ever

While social media usage has risen exponentially in recent years, a recent study has found that people still use the internet mainly for information searches and email communications.

According to a report by Pew Internet, 92 per cent of people will go online with the specific intent of either reading emails or using a search engine.

The company surveyed over 2,000 participants aged 18 and over, asking them their main reasons for accessing internet resources.

Data has been collected on the topic since 2002 and shows that email and search functions have always been top contenders.

Social networking was only recorded by the survey since 2005, starting out with 11 per cent – before that date it was not considered to form a major part of internet usage.

But nowadays sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ make up a sold part of a browser's time online, with 65 per cent of participants indicating that they use these services.

Businesses have long understood the potential represented by these networking sites, with increasing levels of user engagement providing incentives for savvy companies to make use of social media marketing as part of their wider promotional strategies.

The fact that online search has caught up with email as the main reason to log on can be attributed to peoples increasing reliance on technology as an information provider.

59 per cent of respondents indicated that they would perform searches on a daily basis, forming a habit that many found hard to break.

Age does not appear to be much of a factor in this trend, with 87 per cent of persons aged over 65 regularly using search engines, compared to the 96 per cent of consumers age between 18 and 29.

These results really press home the importance of engaging in an effective content marketing strategy to fully engage with audiences from a range of demographics.