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Online flight searches take off

It seems that the days of flicking through holiday brochures and sitting in travel agencies might be a thing of the past, as new figures show that people are keen to book their getaways online.

Although the stats may relate to Google UK, they show an emerging trend in the travel industry that providers from all over the world can certainly learn something from!

In May alone, 3.2 million online searches for flights were made, with more than 17 per cent of them originating from mobile devices, Greenlight discovered.

Those in the travel industry will no doubt be interested to learn that cheap flights was the most commonly searched term, accounting for 17 per cent of all internet queries.

For those using a mobile device to go in search of their next holiday, 17 per cent went looking for this particular term.

Some bigger differences emerged, however, as queries for short-haul destinations were more common on desktop computers and laptops, while long-haul destinations were searched for using mobile devices.

So what exactly can the global travel industry glean from these new statistics? Well, it shows that an online presence has become more important than ever as people go in search of convenience when they make travel arrangements.

As a result, companies need to make sure they do whatever possible to stand apart from the crowd – this means investing in a content marketing strategy to draw in the right customers.

They might also want to think about establishing a social media presence, as websites such as Trip Advisor have really shaped the industry over recent years.

Customers want to know that whoever they are booking with is reputable, which is why offering a social media platform to do this on is increasingly important.

The opportunities are endless, but the important thing is to do something rather than nothing!

Posted by Emma Furze