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Online retailers positioned to do well this holiday season

Online retailers will want to make sure their content marketing strategy and Facebook campaigns are up to scratch for the holiday season, with a report revealing that consumers are poised to spend more money online in this period.

The Nielsen Holiday Shopping Survey found that the number of respondents planning on spending more with online retailers in November and December, “leads all channels” at 18 per cent, an improvement from 13 per cent last year.

Nielsen has forecasted that spending in these holiday months will reach $98.3 billion for sales across five key departments that include beverages, alcohol, food, health/beauty and homecare – with dollar sales expected to increase 2.3 per cent.

“With nearly a quarter of consumers indicating they have already started their holiday shopping by mid-September, I expect ‘pragmatic enthusiasm’ to inch spending levels higher than last year,” said Nielsen vice president of global consumer insights James Russo.

“Overall, this could be a season to celebrate.  Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Index is the highest since before the recession. Planned shopping-list usage is down so impulse buying could be up, and shoppers across the income spectrum say they plan to spend more in multiple areas.”

The survey also revealed that for gift-giving plans technology products and gift cards were in the lead with 11 per cent each as products consumers planned to spend more on this year.

Every category – except for jewellery – including toys, cookware, sporting goods and apparel showed improvements in consumers buying more than in previous years.

In order for online retailers to make the most of these statistics, they will need to organise a comprehensive social media strategy with engaging Twitter campaigns and fresh content on offer.

An infographic from Lab 42 found that 73 per cent of the 500 people surveyed do at least half their shopping online, with four out of five shopping online for a broader selection.

Seven out of ten also shopped online for better sales and promotions, so make sure to push these in your company blogs to draw consumers to your online retail website.

Posted by April Revake.