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Only 25 per cent of nonprofits have a content marketing strategy

The primary objective of most nonprofit organisations is fundraising for their cause, therefore, content marketing is often not on their list of priorities. But considering the benefits organic search can have on businesses big and small, it might be something a growing number should consider.

Although many nonprofits are beginning to recognise the potential of establishing an online presence, the vast majority have not created a strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute has recently released a report that takes an in-depth look into content marketing in the nonprofit sector.

The study interviewed 1,714 respondents and found only 25 per cent of these businesses have a documented strategy in place. Furthermore, only 26 per cent of nonprofits consider their content efforts successful.

By comparing these results with two other Content Marketing Institute studies that surveyed B2B and B2C businesses, it is clear nonprofits are significantly behind other organisations in establishing a strategy. The previous studies found that 44 per cent of B2B and 39 per cent of B2C businesses have a documented strategy in place.

The study found that 52 per cent of businesses with a documented content strategy believe their efforts are effective, compared with only 14 per cent of those without a strategy.

Despite their lack of a content marketing strategy, the study found an impressive 92 per cent of nonprofit businesses are producing some form of content. This compared to 90 per cent of  B2C and 93 per cent of B2B, according to the B2B and B2C studies released earlier this year.

Nonprofits are even upping their content production. The study found that 65 per cent are producing more content than they were a year ago.

There are currently around 60,000 charities in Australia, according to the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commision.

While it is good news that many nonprofits are venturing out into content marketing, it is important to set up a strategy to ensure all goes to plan.

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Posted by Dylan Brown