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Only 27% of companies have a dedicated social media team

Social media marketing and content strategies are the norm for many companies today who use online platforms to pique the interests of their consumers.

Pinterest is a popular website to generate ecommerce leads, while Facebook and Twitter campaigns are used to create hype around products and services, and establish better engagement with customers.

While social media is essential when it comes to marketing and advertising, not all companies have an exclusive social media team to deal with strategies and campaigns.

A white paper sponsored by Ragan and NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions, revealed that only 27 per cent of the 2,714 online survey respondents said they had a team of people in their organisation who worked exclusively on social media.

The majority of respondents (65 per cent) said that social media tasks are assigned on top of their current job responsibilities, while only 3 per cent said they outsourced their social media efforts.

The white paper, Structuring a Social Media Team, also looked at how companies were measuring their social media activities, where nearly 86 per cent said they measured engagement and interaction including likes, followers and fans.

Web traffic was the next most measured element (74 per cent), followed by brand reputation (58 per cent), customer service/satisfaction (41 per cent), new leads (40 per cent) and sales (31 per cent).

The monitoring of social media is essential in measuring the success of campaigns and ensuring that customer queries are answered, but many cited 'lack of time' (65 per cent) as a roadblock to doing these activities.

The lack of manpower (63 per cent) and money (41 per cent) were also some reasons respondents gave for 'roadblocks in monitoring'.

The top goal of social media was to increase brand awareness, 87 per cent of respondents indicated, with many saying they use social media to promote thought leadership.

"We really look at social media as a way to show the personality of our firm. We also look at it as a way to share our expertise and thought leadership in the industry, which in turn, we hope, will increase leads and potentially sales," one survey respondent said.

Posted by April Revake.