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Study: 27 per cent of web searches are questions [VIDEO]

Content marketers hoping to win traffic and leads with Q&A style blog articles will be interested to know that around 27 per cent of web searches are phrased as questions.

When Google announced the new Hummingbird algorithm back at the end of 2013, it said it wanted users to be able to type out their questions in full and find the answers they’re looking for.

The idea was to reduce the emphasis on one or two keywords and instead focus on the full query and the meaning behind that query.

This spawned an influx of content with questions as headlines, trying to match user queries.

Now a new study by Blue Nile Research has found that searchers are only typing questions into search engines 27 per cent of the time.

The most commonly used word in these queries was “how” followed by “why”, “where”, “which” and “what”.

The study also measured how long people’s queries were. Two or three-word queries such as “fix coffee maker” were classified as “fragmented queries”, while anything more than four words was called a “full query”, such as “Why doesn’t my coffee maker turn on?”.

This study found this was split  half and half, however, two-word queries were by far the most popular at 29 percent.

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