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Other search engines provide more engaged traffic than Google

Over the past decade or so Google has become much more than just a search engine. It has become a brand in itself, leading search innovation and redefining online marketing.

The site is by far the most popular search engine, conducting millions of searches a day all around the world.

But a recent study by Shareaholic has revealed that search traffic that comes from Bing, Yahoo and Ask are far more engaged than the searchers from Google.

The study reviewed data from over 300,000 publishers between December and May, measuring multiple aspects of post-click engagement, such as visit duration, bounce rates, and pages per visit.

Searchers from Bing, Yahoo and Ask stay on sites for longer, click on more pages and are less likely to exit straight away than Google users, the study found.


Search Engine Post-Click Engagement

On the contrary, Google searchers are far less likely to stay on a site, with an overall bounce rate of 61.26 per cent.

However, in terms of search traffic, Google clearly has the upperhand, bringing in 17 times more traffic than all these other search engines combined.

In Australia, the odds are even more in Google’s favour, dominating 93.1 per cent of all search, compared to 77.7 per cent in the US, according to StatCounter.

The Shareaholic study also found search makes up approximately one third of the overall traffic to websites, but this is steadily declining.

Google traffic dropped from 37 per cent in December 2013 down to 31 per cent in May of this year.

This decline can be seen in the other search engines as well, with an overall decrease of 17 per cent for all search engines since December.

The study concluded that this is largely due to the popularity of social media, which is driving traffic to websites as well.

Google is still by far the best way to draw traffic to your site, but as this study highlights, incorporating multiple search and social platforms into your content strategy is incredibly important.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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