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Panda algorithm rewards sites that made changes since last update

Don’t you just hate it when you spend hours and hours trying to make your website perfect, then a gigantic 250 pound panda comes along and rips it all to shreds.

This week some major websites are licking their wounds after the latest Panda update rolled out.

Panda updates are designed to target and penalise low-quality content – such as spam – but also sites with very little useful content.

So far, sites producing news and online content have benefited from the update, while lyrics, gaming and medical sites have been hit hardest.

One of the good things about this update, however, is that many of the sites hit by the last update in May, have subsequently made the necessary changes to their site and as a result have experienced an increase in their online presence.

The update was announced last Thursday by Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google UK, Pierre Far, on his Google+ account.

The update, which is supposedly more precise than previous updates, should affect around 3 to 5 percent of all queries.

By filtering out low quality sites, Google hopes this will give small and medium sized sites a chance to rank higher in search results.

SearchMetrics looked at the sites that have experienced a major change since the update and found medical portals, lyrics and gaming sites were hit the hardest.

The Yellow Pages website – that lists business addresses and phone numbers – lost 79 percent SEO visibility after the update. The University of Adelaide was also hit hard, losing 68 percent visibility.

The winners in this update were sites with lots of news and other forms of content – some of which were penalised by the last update, but have since made changes. – a Disney owned site that covers family and lifestyle topics – increased SEO visibility by 379 percent. Other notable sites in the same boat were The Readers Digest,, and Disney’s

We hear it all the time, but it seems Google truly does want to reward sites producing high quality content with good rankings in search. And as with the last update, any sites hit by Panda can surely make amends with Google.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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