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Parramatta nonprofit using social media to tackle the issue of racism

One Australian nonprofit organisation has come up with an innovative and inspiring social media strategy to tackle the issue of racism in the Sydney city of Parramatta.

Called One Parramatta, this campaign is organised by All Together Now and is using sites such as YouTube and Twitter to raise awareness about its cause.

The coordinators have filmed a series of short, documentary-style clips that will be broadcasted on YouTube over a seven-week period.

Episode one, 'What Are Your Values?', screened late last week (July 19) and features a range of different ethnicities from the Parramatta area speaking about what they find important to them.

These clips are intended to break down some of the barriers between different cultures, as well as challenge some people's misconceptions or prejudices about others.

Managing director of All Together Now Priscilla Bruce-Weller explained that racism was a large problem in Parramatta, with a concerning number of people admitting to having racist tendencies.

"Parramatta is the largest non-capital city in Australia and has a very large multicultural community. Yet research shows that 23 per cent of survey respondents self-identify as racists," she said (July 20).

Given that the problem is mostly associated with young adults aged between 18 and 34, it makes sense that the nonprofit is using modern technology to connect and engage with its audience.

Ms Brice-Weller believes that social media marketing helps them to tackle some confronting issues in an effective way.

"Many existing programs don't get to the heart of the matter and with a more imaginative and creative campaign, we want to encourage people to reflect on their own behaviour towards people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds," she explained.

The clips are on the organisation's website as well as YouTube, and on Twitter keep an eye out for the hash tag #OneParramatta.