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Partner Categories: New ‘self-serve’ targeting feature launched by Facebook

Measure the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns with the new partner categories tool released by Facebook on April 10.

This allows businesses to target ads to 'more categories of people'. Advertisers are currently able to show ads to people based on their expressed interests, but partner categories allows companies to show ads to people on Facebook based on the products and brands they buy through both desktop and mobile.

"For example, a local car dealership can now show ads to people who are likely in the market for a new car who live near their dealership," said a post on the Facebook Studio blog.

Partner categories takes data from select third parties – with no personal information shared between Facebook, third parties or advertisers – working the same way all targeting on Facebook works.

Advertisers only know the size of the audience and are unable to access any information about individuals included in a category.

Partner categories included more than 500 unique groups at launch, with the new feature also working in addition with other Facebook targeting options so that advertisers can 'further refine' their campaigns to reach only the right people.

Facebook Studio posted that ads that are well targeted benefit the advertisers who run them by 'driving higher return on investment' and are a 'better experience' for people who see more relevant ads.

The partner categories feature became available to US advertisers on April 10 in Power Editor and through API.

Another recent Facebook advertising feature that you may want to take note of is the Facebook Ads Manager, which makes it easier for you to see how your business is performing against specific goals, also allowing you to calculate your return on investment.

Posted by April Revake.