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Passion drives traffic to new font site

Passion can be a surprisingly powerful force when it comes to directing online traffic to a site – an aspect of content marketing designers Thomas Blanc and Florian Amoneau are quickly learning.

The French pair have asked the question "What would iconic logos look like if they were written in Comic Sans?" and the results have sparked a surprisingly high following amongst the online community.

The concept is an interesting one – the font used in a brand's logo can often make a significant difference when it comes to appealing to the masses and an icon that is pleasing to the eye may have far more impact than the perfectly-executed advertising campaign.

Severe overuse of the 90s Microsoft typeface has rendered use of the font taboo by most professionals, leaving the childish curved typography to lie dormant in the modern era.

But Blanc and Amoneau are attempting to revive the font through their new Tumblr blog.

Entitled the Comic Sans Project, the site boasts the tagline "We fear no fonts and we will make the whole world Comic Sans – because Helvetica is sooo 2011".

"We have been inspired by all the jokes about Comic Sans we heard and read on the Internet every day," Blanc told technology website Mashable.

"We wanted to create our own personal joke with those ironic logos. At the same time, we actually tried to defend Comic Sans [by] posting only logos which look good enough to us. Some of them work pretty well."

Notable brands such as Chanel, Android, Playstation, Subway and Walt Disney Pictures have all received the Comic Sans makeover.

The project has received encouraging emails and submissions from around the world and the site is due to be opened to user-generated content soon.

According to Blanc, 20 more logos are currently in the works, including NASA and M&M’s.

"We also plan to use the benefits of this little fame to find a job in Paris. We will redesign logos of French advertising agencies and send it to them."

Posted by Elise Ferrari