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People want a personal cloud

An increasing number of people have started using cloud storage technologies for personal use, according to a recent survey.

Research by cloud syncing service provider Funambol has found that the majority of respondents would be interested in a service that provided unified access to data across multiple platforms.

Of the people surveyed, 76 per cent indicated that they used Facebook as a cloud service for photos and 75 per cent said that they regularly used Google products that store and share files.

When it came to aural entertainment, 24 per cent preferred to use iCloud (formerly MobileMe) and 20 per cent had accessed Amazon's Music Beta to store their tunes.

Other cloud services identified as being important to users were the ability to keep back-up copies of important documents and the ability to share various file formats with friends and family.

People also said that they enjoyed the ability to be able to host and share contact details across PCs and mobile devices.

If they were to choose a unified personal cloud service, 75 said security was the most important feature that would decide whether or not they would make use of a particular online product.

The next highest priority was that the offering had to be compatible with a range of devices, with 71 per cent saying that they needed to access their data through mobile technologies.

An important part of the survey focused on the potential for companies to be able to profit from the provision of a cloud service. Options available include a model with a monthly fee, paid premium content, advertising as well as a mixed-model approach.

67 per cent of respondents said they would prefer to pay outright for access under certain conditions – a promising area for companies looking to expand their content marketing strategy.