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Pepsi launch a new social media campaign

Many companies are turning to social media marketing to promote their brand and engage with customers.

Fortunately, this healthy competition has a positive spin-off for social media users – campaigns are only getting more creative as businesses compete for followers and better online visibility.

Just yesterday we blogged about the importance of employing an effective social media strategy to help your enterprise stand out from the crowd amongst the many others vying for a strong internet presence.

And now internationally recognised soda company Pepsi is leading by example, using various social networks for a new advertising campaign Live For Now.

Pepsi is encouraging fans and followers to add the hashtags #now and #LiveForNow to their tweets, instagram uploads and pins – a marketing strategy that incorporates all three popular social media networks Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The focus of the campaign is to celebrate "now moments" – be they in pop culture or your personal life.

"What song inspires you to get up and moving? #LiveForNow," @Pepsi tweeted today (May 1).

According to president of Global Enjoyment Brands PepsiCo Brad Jakeman, the new social media strategy is simply an extension of the company's brand values.

"Pepsi has always inspired people to embrace the now by being at the epicentre of, and helping to define, pop-culture.

"Live For Now embodies a mind-set that is true of Pepsi loyalists around the world, while still connecting with a large and growing number of consumers who share the same values," he said in a statement on April 30.

Marketing will also extend further than social networks – pop sensation Nicki Minaj is rumoured to feature in a new television commercial.

The company has also created their own social media hub called Pepsi Pulse, where they hope to bring together pop culture, entertainment and consumer news in real time.

Posted by Jess O'Connor