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Personalised content – why is it important?

Whether you're a marketing whizz or a content strategy beginner, you'll most likely have heard that personalised content is the best way to build relationships with customers. But why is this?

Well, as technology develops and people are logging on to the internet in increasingly inventive ways and through an ever-growing number of devices, targeting your message becomes even more important.

Unless you're providing original and fresh content, it's likely you'll lose your audience among the countless other organisations banging the same drum. So highlighting your unique selling points and personalising your message to specific target audiences is a must. 

Not only this, but businesses that fail to implement an effective content marketing strategy risk falling behind, with a recent survey by Econsultancy and Adobe showing that a growing number of marketers are already seeing personalised offerings as vital to their operations.

Their Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing showed 52 per cent of businesses agree that the ability to personalise content is a fundamental component of their online strategies, while 41 per cent are actively committed to providing a unique content experience for consumers.

Furthermore, one-third of companies are now measuring the success of their personalised content against non-personalised content – so let's look at some statistics:

·         Companies that ignore customer responses over social media channels risk as much as a 15 per cent churn rate
·         JiWire found that 80 per cent of mobile users prefer ads tailored towards their location
·         96 per cent of businesses feel that email personalisation improves email marketing performance, according to Aberdeen Group
·         Irrelevant content is why 56 per cent of email users unsubscribe to business or non-profit emails

And these figures are just the tip of the iceberg, with dozens of similar surveys revealing the benefits of personalising content for target audiences.

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Posted by Francis Finch