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Pinterest a social engine to drive consumer activity?

Pinterest is a fun way to get consumers engaged with your company, where you can express your creativity and create a character around your page, showing users what you’re all about – be it witty, professional or well-informed in your industry!

The image-sharing social engine may also become necessary for your content marketing strategy, particularly if you want people to purchase your product or service.

Assistant professor Eric Gilbert of Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing and Professor Loren Terveen from the University of Minnesota’s College of Science have released a new study that helps to understand what drives Pinterest activity and what sets it apart from other popular social networking sites.

Following the research, assistant professor Gilbert said that if he had to choose where to put his money and marketing, Pinterest would probably be his first choice.

The study from assistant professor Gilbert and professor Terveen found that female users had more repins, men typically had more followers on Pinterest than woman, and most significantly, four verbs set Pinterest apart from Twitter: use, look, want and need.

Assistant professor Gilbert said that the four verbs are “particularly interesting”, uniquely describing Pinterest.

“Words encapsulate the intent of people, revealing the motivations behind their actions. You can use the word ‘this’ after all of these verbs, reflecting the ‘things’ at the core of Pinterest.

“Many press articles have focused on Pinterest’s commercial potential, and here we see verbs illustrating that consumption truly lies at the heart of the site.”

A Fast Company infographic documented Pinterest’s rise with consumers, revealing that 80 per cent of the top 15 Pinterest categories are connected to commerce.

Fast Company noted that Pinterest “looks like the future of e-commerce”, with the top four Pinterest categories jewellery/luxury/accessories, flowers/gifts/greetings, fragrances/cosmetics and food.

If you haven’t got a Pinterest page setup yet, then now may be the time to add it to your social media strategy to help extend your reach to consumers.

Posted by April Revake.