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Pinterest changes make pins ‘more useful’

Social media sites are always making changes to improve their functionality – and this week, it's Pinterest's turn!

The image sharing site has taken steps to make its pins "more useful", as announced in an official blog post by software engineer Anna Majkowska.

One of the biggest changes has meant that Pinterest users can now see more information on their pins, which has been achieved by working alongside some popular websites.

For example, when you view product pins, you may now find information on pricing, availability and where to buy the items – this will be updated on a daily basis to ensure it remains relevant.

Meanwhile, anyone who finds recipes online will see that their favourite bloggers and websites are contributing to the pins, by providing details on cook time, servings and ingredients.

How do you access all this additional information? An icon will appear below the picture so you know when there is extra detail available.

If you have existing pins that could benefit from an update, this will happen automatically to make sure you keep on top of the latest trends.

This isn't the only change that you need to be aware of if using Pinterest as part of your social media strategy.

The ever popular Pin It button is now available through mobile apps, meaning users can pin their favourite images no matter where they are.

This is likely to improve interaction with the site and encourage yet more people to give it a go – no doubt a lucrative change for anyone undertaking social media marketing.

As the blog post says, there are still plenty of developments still in the pipeline at Pinterest and these improvements are just the start.

Several other categories are expected to benefit from upgrades over the coming months, so users need to watch this space to stay ahead of the trend!

Posted by Emma Furze