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Pinterest grabs interest of users across the globe

Pinterest is one of the latest social media crazes on the web, but will its popularity among young women sharing links on fashion help retailers boost their profit margins?

Members use the site to upload images of things they find interesting and in doing so share an insight into their tastes and hobbies with users around the world.

A recent report by Shareaholic has found that the site drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace.

In January 2012, the destination of choice among fashionistas and DIY specialists across the globe increased its total referral traffic to 3.6 per cent.

By way of comparison social heavyweight Twitter only just edged ahead of the newcomer, with a 3.61 per cent share of the market.

And while Pinterest is still well behind the search engine Google, popular user destination StumbleUpon and industry leader Facebook, it is still an impressive result for a company that started just two years ago.

In Australia, the site is among the top 50 user destinations when it comes to the average number of daily visits as well as total page views – a figure that jumps to 24 in the US.

Also, it is proving to be a surprise hit with younger users as more and more women choose to "pin" rather than tweet their favourite things.

But despite the enormous potential of the site to improve sales in the domestic retail sector, which is struggling to compete with overseas fashion houses, it is yet to be seen whether any local labels will partner with users to promote their own brand.

In a shout-out to readers Mashable (Feburary 2) reporter Zoe Fox said: "Given Pinterest's monster growth, who do you think can benefit most from the social network, brands, news sources or someone else? Let us know who you think will win big with the rise of Pinterest."

Posted by Aimee McBride