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Pinterest has an image overhaul

Pinterest users will soon find they are using a new look site packed with plenty of features, as a number of changes are introduced.

Invitations to the new site are currently being sent out – but what exactly can people expect from the portal?

Unlike the previous version, it is now possible to explore your entire board of pins without exiting the page you are already on, giving greater flexibility for users.

Not only this, pins that have been taken from the same source will handily be grouped in the same part of the website.

Pinterest has also taken steps to improve interaction between users – the 'people who pinned this also pinned' feature will help individuals explore other images they may not otherwise have seen.

The site has revealed that Android and iOS apps will be updated in the near future so mobile users can benefit from this brand new feature.

The changes don't stop there – pins will be made bigger so images can be seen more clearly and the users will now be able to return to the previous page using the back button.

As with any good website, Pinterest has actively gone in search of feedback from its users before implementing the changes – a move that is essential for any social media strategy!

A small group of site users were asked back in January to take a look at the newly designed Pinterest and their views have since been analysed before the roll-out.

After all, failing to keep existing users happy is not the wisest of moves – alienate them and the chances of welcoming new ones is likely to decrease.

Pinterest has even taken the step of welcoming feedback on the changes as they come into force, allowing for future developments to be made if necessary.

Posted by Emma Furze