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Pinterest introduces new changes

Companies using Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategies will no doubt be interested in new changes that have been implemented to make use of the site easier.

Since its inception in 2010, the site has gone from strength to strength as it looks to take on other big players in the world of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

So what are these latest changes and are they likely to add to the site's already growing appeal?

Making Pinterest more shareable

Pinterest started its life] as being an invite-only site, meaning users had to wait for their friends or family to send a personalised invitation.

Although this is still the case, Pinterest has now added a feature that enables you to send an invitation from wherever you are – which will no doubt appeal to mobile users.

iPhone users simply need to go to their profile, tap on the friends icon and then invite their mates – all the contacts stored in a phone will be pulled up so the invitation can be sent by SMS or email.

Android users, on the other hand, need to download the latest version of the Pinterest app where they can tap on the gear icon on their profile and look for friends.

Just start typing their name and select the right person before texting or emailing an invitation.

Better visibility for pins

Thanks to a new update, when Pinterest users click the Pin it button, they will be able to get a much better picture of how the images will appear in full.

This includes an indication of how large the picture will be and users even have the opportunity to edit its description before pinning it to their profile.

This will ensure users are accessing the pins they want, speeding up access to the site.

Posted by Emma Furze