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Pinterest an e-commerce must-have!

If e-commerce is an essential part of your company’s activities, then you should know that Pinterest is a must-have for your content marketing strategy.

According to Shopify, Pinterest is one of the highest ranking social network sites in the world (based on referral traffic and daily active users), with your company able to take advantage of this status to increase traffic and sales.

Shopify analysed data from over 25,000 of their online stores to understand how Pinterest is affecting the e-commerce industry, with their research finding that referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores was equal to that coming from Twitter.

“Of that traffic, shoppers are ten per cent more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites,” Mark Hayes of Shopify posted.

If you’re regularly creating pins, remember to add prices to your products, with these pins getting one-third more likes (36 per cent) than those without prices.

The average order on Pinterest was around $80, which is double the average order from Facebook.

Pinterest lead the ranks when it came to average order amount, followed by Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and Bing.

To help boost your Pinterest success, you may want to consider Tweeting most of your pins.

An article from Ponn Sabra, re-posted on Pinnable Business, mentioned that McDonald’s tweeted all their pins.

“I believe the lesson learned here is that ‘pictures DO speak louder than words, so when you use words, keep them to a tweet (140 characters or less)’,” Sabra wrote.

So instead of using a wordy status to update your followers, you might want to consider using a compelling image from Pinterest instead to get your message across.

Posted by April Revake.