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Pitfalls to avoid when social media marketing

We've been discussing recently how to approach a social media strategy that's tailored to your business but we haven't really addressed what not to do.

Oftentimes an attempt to engage with your audience with good intentions can go wrong if it isn't part of a well thought-out content marketing plan.

If you have the intention of posting on your feeds, make sure you do it regularly. Followers want to see fresh content frequently and enjoy new information. If a feed hasn't had any contributions for days or even weeks at a time, it keeps consumers in the dark and fails to keep them informed of new products or offerings in the pipeline.

In addition to this, try and engage with your followers by posing questions; add content which is an extension of your business and generally interact with your online customer base. A key element of social media is the ability to communicate directly with consumers, not simply overload them with marketing and promotions.

It's important to ensure that a social media feed, whether it's Twitter, Facebook or other platform, is exclusively for company purposes with the intention of promoting the brand message. Informing followers of news about the company is all well and good, but having too many personal messages that have little to do with the business can make the enterprise look unprofessional.

Ultimately, be genuine with your audience and take on board what they have to say. Some comments that are posted regarding your content may be legitimate; others may be just silly – either way consider what is being said about your content.

A well-crafted approach to social media can really assist your business with developing a customer base and expanding your reach.

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