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Planning for holiday marketing

As Christmas approaches, if you're like me, you're likely to leave your shopping to the last minute, and your holiday planning might begin after the holidays themselves!: But while my holiday laziness can be remedied with a bit of last-minute shopping, leaving your content strategy right until the last minute doesn't pay off during the summer holidays.

If you are going develop a content marketing strategy, it is a good idea to you think a few months ahead to ensure that when your campaign does appear on people's screens;, it doesn't look rushed and sloppy.

Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This wisdom gives you an excellent starting point – go over what you did last year and improve; because even if you didn't rush, there are always ways you can tighten things up, and to make things more professional and innovative to ensure that your business is ahead of the game when Santa starts checking the air pressure on his sled.

Econsultancy has some great tips to get you in the headspace of holiday marketing. If you did rush it last year, go back over your data and strategy from that time and figure out where you could have done better. Talk to your customers to find out how their experience with your business could be made more enjoyable or more efficient. 

Send out special deals and offers in subscriber emails and to customers to remind them of your business' ongoing commitment to maintain a relationship with them. This, in conjunction with a Facebook or Twitter campaign, reinforcing this message will reinforce your company's dedication to customer satisfaction. 

And of course, there's always fresh content to support you through the holiday season. Plan your holiday blog posts well in advance – you might even want them to coincide with promotional events or special offers you are running throughout the holidays.

Castleford Media can help you with your content marketing strategies all year-round – even through the chaos of Christmas!

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Tim Wright